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comming soon at november 2009
full aerobatic scale kit 1:3,4 (29 %)

Basic info:
Wingspan 2580 mm
length, 2360 mm
fly weight 9 kg

wing area - 117dm2
wing loading - 77 g/dm2

Original of the model with wingspan 258cm is known aerobatic special Zlín 526 AFS, outgoing from type Zlín 526. This type has arisen from Z-526AF, (shorter wing, shorter front part of fuselage, complemention of transition fairing wing-fuselage and ailerons was enlarged instead flaps).
Model is very similar as original with more details, but airfoil of tip wing is symetrical for better aerobatic characteristics and for improving flight and
stall features in normal and inverted flight.
When I make design of this model, primary target was acquirement of low weight, comfortable flying characteristic beside preservation scale look and details. Because of low weight consequent also markedly low costs
of accessories (motor, controllers, servos and baterie).

Construction of models airframe is all wooden with using balsa, poplar plywood and spruce beams. Cover of fuselage is from oratex foil, at elevator and wings was using oracover.
In positins with aluminium cover at original, there were used laminated covers on the model with imitated metal plate and rivets surface. Ailerons with imitated signate surface were made from laminate gluing to wooden airframe.
Covers of landing gear were made from the same plast as other details. The wings and elevator were divided for simplier transport and storage. Canopy was pressed from pure plast. Special cone was made from CFK and its low weight guarantees quiet run without vibrations. Giezendaner retract gears EL15 is complemented suspended Robart struts and wheels Kavan. Tail wheel is suspended also. Ailerons was controlled by two servos (2x 9kg), elevator (2x5kg), rudder (1x9kg), speed contoller and retract. Board supply 2sA123 + Jeti MaxBec, receiver Jeti Duplex R14

Dimensions and other characteristic:
wingspan 2580 mm, lenght 2360 mm,
wing surface 117 dm2
flight weight 9kg, surface loading 77 g/dm2,
bateries 12s Lipol Hyperion G3 4200mAh,
motor HiRotex 2500 (power 2,5 kW),
propeller APCe 24x12, controler Jeti Spin 99.
Dischargered capacity is between 2400-3000 mAh per 8-9min aerobatic flying !

Zlín 526 AFS „Kraťas“
Model has realistic fligh performance due to the low weight and very good flight abilities, it has wide range of speed, is pleasant to control and can perform many aerobatic actions without any problem. It flies aileron roll
easy and steady, it has good dynamics and uprising. With respect relative low weight the price of accessories is favourably low.

Contain of the kit:
All laminated parts and covers, hard alluminium and CFK pipes for conections of wings and elevators,
all milling parts from playwood and balsa, spruce and balsa beams,
canopy, plast details, scale cfk cone,
airplane photodocumentation,
building photodocumentation and instructions on CD, building plan. Selfadhesive sign imatriculations.
Price 690,- euro
Kit does not contain: cover foil, balsa sheets
for wings and elevator, retract gears Giezendanner,
Robart struts, Kavan wheels
(alternative engine gaz motor 50ccm)

More information:
e-mail: info@grafik.cz

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fully aerobatic
pleasant and comfortable Pilotage
excellent flight speech
Scale and appearance
retractable undercarriages
unrivaled light
efficient construction
easy to equipment
foldable transport