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Basic info:
Wingspan 2060 mm
length, 1860 mm
flight weight 4,25 - 4,5 kg
(depending on equipment and batteries used)
wing area - 77dm2
wing loading - 55-58 g/dm2

Controled are Ailerons, elevator, rudder, engine, retractable gear.
For the energizing, the 5-6s lipol 4200-5000mAh baterie are good.
Engine class Axi 4130-16 (e.g. Hyperion ZS4025-16, 4035-12, Hacker A60-6XS V2)

Model is all wooden with laminated parts and covers. Fuselage is made of frame cut from aspen plywood with barrier and spruce tail boom covered by Solartex foil (cloth) and supplementary laminated parts (where the original has metal plates).

Wing - covered by Oracover foil - is divided, it has shaped ribs and web of rib, inner ribs are from aspen plywood to which are retractable gear and carbon wing joint attached.

Tail surfaces is mostly from balsa, elevator is divided, joint by carbon pipe.

Laminated parts - covre behind the cockpit with the overpass to the tail surfaces, cover and sides in front of cockpit, motor cover, bottom part of the fuselage under the cockpit, overpass fuselage-wing, propeller cone.
Cockpit is pressed from pure plastic with marks of the frame, cockpit space is free, can be dummy-equipped.
Divided wing and elevator allow easy transport and storage of the plane.

Flight characteristic:
Model has realistic fligh performance due to the low weight and very good flight abilities, it has wide range of speed, is pleasant to control and can perform many acrobatic actions without a problem. In aileron roll it flies easy and steady, it has good dynamics and uprising even with 5 cells.

Content of kit:
All shaped parts from plywood and balsa
pine and balsa strip
CFK pipe

Laminated parts
motor cover, cover in front of cockpit, cover behind the cockpit with tail surfaces overpass, wing-fuselage overpass, bottom part of the fuselage between wings

Pure pressed cockpit with frame mark
Special maquette propeller cone 80mm

Parts for suspended spring tail wheel
plastic parts

building plans for wing, stab and rudder
building instruction on CD - step by step picture
more than 160 detail picture of original airplane

Other possibilities of equipment:

Kit not include:
cover foil, wheels
balsa sheets for wing and stab (cca 12x 2mm, 10x 1,5mm)
retractable gear (Giezendaner electric or Robart mechanical gear)
Spring suspended retractable gear Robart

Original exemplar for the model is acrobatic "special" Zlin 526 AFS, which is upgraded Z-526AF (by shortening outer part of wing, shortening front part of fuselage, wing-fuselage overpass and ailerons were enlarged towards the fuselage to the place of split flaps). Althought model is very similar to the original plane to the details, profil of outer end of wing was chosen symetric, for the greater acrobatic abilities and improving of flight characteristics.

cena: 390,- euro

contact for information - info(a)grafik.cz




napis zlin



fotogalerie - video
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fully aerobatic
pleasant and comfortable Pilotage
excellent flight speech
Scale and appearance
retractable undercarriages
unrivaled light
efficient construction
easy to equipment
foldable transport